our time as a free spirit

So, there comes a time (for we crazy travelers) when all that irresponsible behavior must come to an end, we all have to eventually grow up and get a life; – I consider myself to be VERY lucky with all the traveling, living abroad with NO insurance. I have only ever heard all the horror stories about what becomes of people who got injured or taken ill while traveling and/or working abroad! It is clearer to me than EVER that the older we get, the more likely we are to have issues with health matters. I can always remember, as a youth, getting off the ferryboat at Calais etc (having just come outward from the UK); on one hand was a glorious sense of infinite freedom, yet on the other had a feeling of despair in not knowing exactly where I would sleep that night…

DETAILING a Supplementary Article; my WEAKNESSES;

by Anthony.V.Booth; WEB: http://anthonyvictorbooth.com/

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This is an article detailing another aspect of my life, namely my weaknesses; It was a bi-product of my youth that I developed, besides computers and electronics, a fondness for alcohol – It was only when I came of age and traveled across Europe that my career as an alcoholic really got under way.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with enjoying a few glasses of wine over dinner while sitting with our friends in the sunshine; But there is one very important note as regards this, it only really applies to people who have become a resident of some place ‘Del Mar’, a place where the night life is 24 on 7!! That magical time border is in my personal experience around one year it is a significant border in time that applies to ALL MIGRANT WORKERS!!! It is at this point where the average casual summer worker/tourist must make that mandatory migration to the professional world of FULL-TIME STAFF-SIDE of that Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, even Beach Taverna; as for alcohol (at this point), we must learn to Sell it and Not drink it!

It is a border in time where the persons involved must either; GO PRO or DIE!!! – it is a border that surprisingly few people come through with their LIVES!!! I can only remember seven years ago riding along that seafront promenade to the bus station! Had I not made that journey then I would have gone the same route as my friends who stayed – one final journey to the graveyard!!!

In my youth, I was always prone to be lazy and dis-organized these are qualities that generally matter less when we are young, besides alcoholism and drug abuse, these qualities were enemies that nearly cost me my life! – I look back over the years behind me and see a long narrow winding road that I often wonder how I survived!What I am certain of is that it would be a crime against the life and the nature to even think about riding again on that same promenade as the piece of human wreckage who rode along there some seven years ago…

What I am more than happy to focus on in these times are my NEW WEAKNESSES; – My weakness for COMPUTERS and TECHNOLOGY – Also, my interest in music/media production; if you are in any of these fields then I can state that the climate and environment of places like that in the picture (Crete, Ibiza, Corfu, Cyprus etc) will be a great asset; It is only those other aspects, such as boozing pill-popping and/or sleeping another one off or even puking until you rupture a stomach muscle that will be your WORST ENEMY!!!

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